20 Apr

What Hunters Need To Consider When Looking For Hunting Bows

Crossbow For Hunting

As crossbow hunting increases in popularity so does the quality and features of hunting crossbows. However, most crossbow hunters usually prefer the biggest and best crossbows without considering their unique needs.

Hunters need to always remember that it is important to select the right hunting crossbar that will satisfy their individual needs. Ask yourself the following questions before buying a crossbow: What type of game will I be hunting? What is my frame and strength? What type of hunting will I use?

The type of game you will be hunting

For instance, if you plan to use the crossbow for hunting bears, then you will have to look for a more powerful crossbow than if you are hunting rabbit. Animals that are quicker require more crossbow speed. Crossbow speed is usually stated in feet per second or FPS in short.

For larger animals, the draw weight and power of the bowl is more important and it is a good idea to choose a bow that has enough draw weight to penetrate the game’s hide and fat. Ensure that you look for a crossbow that has the speed and one that is power consistent with the game you are hunting.

Below are some guidelines that will ensure that you have enough power for your chosen game:

  • Antelope, deer- Draw weight of 150-175 pounds. FPS should be 220 or more
  • Rabbit- Draw weight should be 150 pounds. FPS should be 220 or more
  • Caribou, Elk, Large bear- Hunting bow needs to have a draw weight of 175 pounds or more. FPS should be 220 or more.

The type of hunting you will be doing

Will you let the game come to you or will be chasing it for miles? It is a good idea to choose a hunting crossbow that you can carry for your daily hikes. Always remember that a few pound difference in a hunting crossbow can make a difference on a 5-mile hike.

The size and frame of the hunter

What size bow can you draw? The biggest crossbow is not always ideal for all hunters. You need to choose a hunting bow that you can comfortably draw and handle. Therefore, it is good to try a variety of crossbow sizes before buying one.

For instance, those people with a smaller stature should choose a lighter more compact bow. Even if you are going to buy your bow online, visit your local retailer and handle the bow before buying it. If possible, cock and fire the crossbow a few times so that you get the feel of the weapon.

Hunting crossbow features

Some of the basic features that set hunting crossbows apart include physical dimensions of the bow, draw weight, speed, crossbow style etc. nowadays, hunting crossbows have a variety of additional features available to the crossbow hunter.

Set a budget for yourself before looking for a hunting crossbow and look at tips from Ortiz Sports and other hunting and sport sites. This is important to do so that you don’t allow yourself to get talked into features that you don’t need.

One nice aspect of quality crossbows is that most of the features are interchangeable and you can always upgrade your hunting bow in the future when it is feasible financially. Therefore, don’t worry if you cannot afford all of the features that you need.