05 Dec

The Best Wedding Venues in Toronto

When planning a wedding, you are faced with seemingly endless decisions. You want this to be your ‘special day’ and are excited about it, but it takes preparation in order to bring everything together. A wedding is not just an occasion, but it gives those around you about who you are. Each and every decision you make from the style of attire to the venue will leave an impression about you. To help you make informed decisions, Liberty Grand has compiled some of the best wedding venues in Toronto.

The Evergreen Brickworks Wedding

This one comes at the top as there is so much to love about this venue. The Evergreen Brickwoods Wedding has a lot of appealing photo options that can look different regardless of how many times you have been here. From a romantic water lily pond to a rustic railway station, this venue has to be one of the most versatile ones in Toronto. With its lush green filed and panoramic view of the city, the Evergreen Brickwoods Wedding is an excellent option for those in search of a rustic and romantic vibe at the heart of the city.

Miller Lash House

Located in the Highland Creek off Kingston Road, this venue was constructed in 1913 by a businessman who admired the natural surroundings of Toronto. Fast forward over a century and the forests, rushing stream and grassy fields are still captivating and catch the attention of anyone who visits the venue. Miller Lash House has permanent indoor facilities and tent, thus making planning a wedding even more convenient. If you are looking to get married during summer or fall, then this is the go-to venue in Toronto.

Graydon Hall Manor

Graydon Hall Manor is without a doubt one of the most romantic wedding venues in Toronto. The gardens here are beautiful all year round, making it an excellent venue for a romantic outdoor wedding ceremony. Take photos in the nearby gardens and enjoy your drinks at the mesmerizing cobblestone terrace. Graydon Hall Manor was inspired by the Victorian epoch, no wonder it reminds people of the old world charm. As a matter of fact, the photographs and videos you will take here will not look like a Toronto wedding. It features beautiful furniture and intricate chandeliers, making it ideal for couples on the hunt for an elegant and romantic wedding venue.

Ago Wedding

If you are on the search for urban, modern but still unique wedding venues, the AGO wedding should be at the top of your list. With its geometric shapes and modern lines, this venue is undoubtedly an art piece. It is located right at the center of Toronto and it’s perfect for modern urban couples who appreciate art and want their special day to be memorable.

All these are some of the best venues that you can hold your wedding in Toronto. They are all unique, and romantic at the same time. If you are looking to leave an excellent impression and create memories, you cannot go wrong with any of them.