08 Dec

Quick Christmas Decorating Ideas On A Tight Budget

Christmas Decorating

Are you getting ready to decorate for Christmas? Your budget may be tight this year, but there are plenty of ways to decorate using affordable items or decorations you may already have. The following ideas are straightforward and don’t require much in the way of craftiness. You can even add your own stamp to the designs by choosing to incorporate your own colors and styles.

Perfect Christmas Bowl Fillers

Decorate your living room coffee table by grabbing a giant bowl that can be made from any material such as wood, glass or metal. Add bowl fillers by cleverly placing round Christmas ornaments inside. You can add a bit of extra character by inserting pinecones into the mix or paper flowers. Add some Christmas cheer by using scented oils inside of the bowl to help it set the mood.

Winter Twig Tree

What better way to bring the outdoors in by collecting solid twigs from your backyard? Find a large pottery vase that can hold several long twigs or pine boughs. Twigs are a better option if you don’t want to clean up pine needles. Decorate the twigs or the pine boughs by placing small ornaments or tying small bows onto the branches themselves. You may even wish to display Christmas cards, die-cuts or other festive ornaments to help get you in the holiday mood.

Mini Faux Christmas Trees

You may already have a large Christmas tree set up in your living room, but you should decorate the rest of your home to match your living room. Small faux Christmas trees are very affordable and use little space, but they’re very fun to decorate! They can last years and you can add a different theme to every tree. You can place mini trees throughout every bedroom, hallway or living space in your home.

Dinner Table Centerpiece

Your dining room table shouldn’t be exempt from the Christmas cheer. It’s best to keep the centerpiece small and functional. Start by getting one or two large glass vases– it’s important that they’re clear. These vases are widely available in charity shops and craft stores, so you should have no trouble sourcing them on short notice. Inside of the glass vases place either pine boughs or rocks, and on top, add a large candle. You can find convincing battery operated candles, so they’re a safer option to consider.

Use Vintage Toys

Give your Christmas tree and your home that childhood glee by spreading joy with vintage toys. Old train sets, antique teddy bears, and tin toys are wonderful elements to place under the tree. Wooden toy blocks are perfect for carefully constructing holiday words to place prominently on your mantelpiece, on your tables, dressers etc.

Decorating for Christmas can seem rather stressful when you have a tight budget and you’re short on time but you can go to ozzygarciaphotography.com for more ideas. With that being said, it’s fun to add elements of holiday cheer to your home, and oftentimes, it can all be done with items you already own!