27 Sep

Cibo Wine Bar Is One Of The Best Italian Restaurants Coral Gables Has

Cibo Wine Bar and Restaurant Coral Gables

Cibo Wine Bar and Restaurant Coral Gables

My best friend and her husband recently relocated to Coral Gables. They really weren’t planning on moving, but a new job opportunity came up and her husband decided to accept it. It was a higher job within his company and it required that he move to Coral Gables. They decided that it was a nice location and found a home in the area.

After a few weeks of getting settled in, they invited us to come see their new home and hang out with them. They bought a large home and have a few spare rooms. Since we didn’t have anything planned for the weekend, we decided to go visit them and see what their new place is like. It was only an hour away from our home and where they used to live. We decided to leave Friday after work to go there. We knew we would be hungry when we got there, so we told them we would like to go out to eat when we got there. If they didn’t want to go, we told them we can stop there when we are done. They said they would figure out a restaurant to go to and we could all go together.

After a fairly short drive, we arrived at their home. The GPS made it really easy to find their home. When we got there, they were waiting on the front porch for us. They showed us around the house and asked us if we still wanted to go out to eat. We told them yes and my friend said she found a great Italian restaurant. I told her that sounded great and just what I was wanting to eat.

They were going to drive to the restaurant because they knew where it was at. My friend told me she searched for the best Italian restaurants Coral Gables has because she knows I love Italian food. She said they had heard about this restaurant and had been wanting to try it out anyways. I asked her what it was called and she told me it was the Cibo Wine Bar.

It didn’t take long to get to the restaurant and it was really nice outside. I couldn’t wait to see what they had on their menu and their wine specials for the day. I love to try different wines too so my friend made a great choice in a restaurant.

My friend and I ordered the same wine to try and our husbands tried a different kind. We ordered our food and it came pretty fast. The portions were nice and we were really happy with the entire meal, including the wine. My friend made a great choice on where to eat for the night and found one of the best Italian restaurants Coral Gables has. I am glad they took us to the Cibo Wine Bar while we were visiting them for the night.