29 Jun

Had My Son’s 7th Birthday Party At Laser Quest And It Was Great

Kids At Laser Quest

My son had a birthday coming up and I wanted to start planning it and figuring out where we should have it at. We usually just invited family and close friends and had it at our home, but wanted to invite some of his friends from school this year. He wanted to have a bigger party with all of his friends so I started searching for a place to have it.

We had been to a few birthday parties at a bowling alley and at a gym. But we wanted to do something different than that. I went online and searched for kids birthday parties in my area and that’s when I found Laser Quest. I went to their website and looked over the pictures of their facility and thought this would be a great place for a party. I clicked on their birthday party packages to learn more about what they offered. I thought this would make for a really great kids birthday party.

I showed the pictures of Laser Quest to my son and asked him if he liked this idea. He was so excited and said it looked like it would be so much fun and would be the best party ever. I wanted to wait to show my husband before I contacted them to reserve a space for a party. Later that evening when my husband got off work, I showed him the website for Laser Quest and the options for the party packages. He said it looked like a great place to have a party and the best part is that we wouldn’t have to clean anything up before or after the party.

Once I talked to him about having the party there, I called the next day to make reservations for my son’s party. It was all I heard about from my son up until the day of the party. He was so excited and it seemed that we would have a great turnout because many of his friends said they were going to come.

The day of the party finally arrived after much anticipation from my son. He just couldn’t wait for the party. We got to Laser Quest and he was the happiest kid ever. Especially since we had never been there before. Shortly after we arrived, his friends started showing up. He greeted each one of the with such excitement and they were really excited about the party too.

The kids had a really great time at Laser Quest and played really well. My son was such a happy kid and was glad we had his party there. I was happy that there was no clean up and it was a really great place to have a party. I would highly recommend this for any childs birthday and I’m glad I found it while I was searching online. My son wants to go back to Laser Quest again sometime soon.