09 Nov

For Apps Success, Why Not Just Any Mobile Marketing Company Will Do

Marketing on Mobile Platforms

Marketing on Mobile Platforms

While it’s safe to say that there are many mobile apps out there that can help you promote your business, it is NOT safe to say that any one of them can drive profits to your business. Really, when it comes to mobile advertising companies, not all of them are created alike. In this article, we are going to walk you through the process of choosing a mobile marketing company.

Understand that any type of advertising is basically a contact-and-numbers game where your success largely depends on the number of people you reach out to. That said, when it comes to choosing mobile marketing company like Liftoff, it is important to know just how many users there are in the advertising network.

Liftoff, one of the largest mobile ads company today, has a reach of over 2 billion unique mobile users. These users are gathered in a database where you can sort the users according to specific traits like gender, age, and interests (based on the apps that they are using).

With the large number of potential customers that you can reach out to, you can definitely increase your profits. It’s no secret in the marketing industry that the typical conversion rate for any ad is 10%, with the best ads converting at 25%. This means that for every 100 people that see your ads, only ten will respond or 25 if you are lucky.

Reaching out to a large audience, though, is never enough, you need to be able to reach out to them with the right message, and the only way that you can create the right message that gets them to act is through testing. Liftoff has a patented software called Cortex whereby different combinations of images and texts are tested across the different devices and monitored. Once you have information on which ads work best, you can further customize your message to drive a higher volume of sales.

Mobile ads marketing is expensive and it can drive your advertising budget through the roof with little to show for it. With Liftoff, though, once you reach a certain number of installs, your payment model automatically shifts to Cost-Per-Action or CPA.

The company’s process works this way: Your advertising messages are created and is delivered to members of your target audience. After reaching 500 installs for your app, you will then be charged $4 per install. When the number of registrations reaches 50,000, your payment model switches so that you’re not anymore paying per installation but instead will be paying per action, like clicking on a link to your website within the app.

Aside from Liftoff, there are other mobile marketing companies out there that you can hire to promote your apps, however, the company has proven itself to have the necessary tools (Cortex and 2 billion unique profiles) and creativity to actually drive real profits, and that for us is the difference that makes the difference.